Your self guided journey starts here!

Welcome to Maunawila Heiau, the 9-acre sacred Hawaiian temple. This site is classified as a Wahi Pana, or a sacred place. We believe that this heiau was dedicated to the Hawaiian god of peace, fertility, and agriculture Lono. We ask that as you go about the property to behave in a respectful and polite manner.


-Stay on the trail. Roped off areas protect you and the site

-Help preserve our wahi pana. Leave all stones and artifacts in place.

-Appropriate offerings include pule, oli, mele, and hula.

-Enjoy the property by accessing the self-guided tour.

how to use the self-guided tour

-Look for the Red Triangle posts. We suggest you go in sequential order as the information provided is progressive.

-There are a total of 11 Red Triangle posts along the trail. Each Red Triangle post features a QR code in the bottom right corner that you will scan with your mobile device.

-iOS USERS can open the camera app and hover over the QR code. A pop-up will give you the option to open the webpage in Safari. Click the pop-up to follow the link.

-ANDROID USERS will require a QR scanner. QR scanner apps, such as QR CODE READER by Green Apple Studio, can be found in the Google Play Store. Open the app and your camera will be ready to scan the QR code and it will show the webpage address or URL and you can OPEN IN BROWSER.

-Each QR code is unique. It will direct you to a specific webpage featuring that particular area. The webpage includes pictures and interesting facts about the area.

-Enjoy your tour beginning at Post #1. Please refer to the MAP below. Follow the purple line.